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Samuel John Oden
Memorial Fund

$12,000 was contributed to support the post-secondary education of four McGregor High School students. One student plans to attend Mankato State for early childhood education, while another will pursue training as a machine operator. Additionally, one student is preparing for a career in nursing, and another is pursuing studies in beauty school.


This is just one of the very cool things that we are doing with the money that is donated from all of you! This video was sent to me by Big Sandy Camp & Retreat Center. For those of you that don’t know this camp is on Big Sandy Lake in McGregor, Mn. 

Last year we donated money to their zip line project. This year the money we donated was used for this giant swing! So incredibly fun for the kids. We are going to try it out. Thank you for your support. More cool things to share soon.

Donate to the future 


The Samuel John Oden Memorial Fund has been started as a way to donate funds to special programs that will continue Sam’s wish to help children, and bring happiness to their lives.

100% of donations and entry fees go to youth programs focused on fun, faith and need.

To Donate 

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